We are a Washington DC-based design + build firm, providing architecture, design, and construction services all in-house and under one umbrella. This allows us to complete remodeling projects efficiently and with the utmost attention to quality—from big picture design to small, important details.

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Full Home Remodeling

Starting a home renovation is an exciting prospect. Our clients typically have been thinking about the remodel for a long time, are anxious to get going, and have plenty of ideas, wishes, and hopes for the renovation, but also a lot of questions. Inside, we answer some of those most frequently asked questions.

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Home Additions

Home additions in Washington, DC and the surrounding metro areas have long been popular remodeling projects as they’re typically the most efficient way to add living value. However, building an addition is a major construction project and a solid foundation of research, planning and preparation is critical. Inside, we’ve outlined the design process and the key things to consider when undertaking a home addition project.

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Condo Remodeling

Condo living in metropolitan Washington, DC and the surrounding jurisdictions such as Friendship Heights, Bethesda and Arlington is becoming ever more popular. Be it empty nesters wanting to downsize, young professionals moving closer to the office, couples seeking luxury and convenience, or young families looking to enjoy walkable neighborhoods, the demand for urban residences is at a high.

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Kitchen Remodeling

Every kitchen renovation is unique, but successfully navigating the process from the initial design consultation to breaking ground does not work without a general structure. Our in-house team of architects, kitchen designers, and interior designers has developed and continues to refine our process.

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Bathroom Remodeling

We often get asked about the steps that go into a successful bathroom remodeling project. Inside, we have addressed three topics: bathroom design, bathroom permitting, and planning and executing a successful bathroom remodel.

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Accessory Dwelling Units

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) are now permitted in most residential zones in the District of Columbia. Basement apartments, in-law suites, converted garages, and detached “tiny homes” all fall under the umbrella of the term ADU. Inside, we discuss some important considerations when contemplating the design and construction of an Accessory Dwelling Unit.

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Our 4-Step Process

Be it a full home renovation, condo remodel, or kitchen redesign, our four-step process is straightforward and organized: an initial consultation with one of our team leads; project design led by one of our architects; construction by one of our in-house crews; and job close out with the whole team.

Step: 1


At Four Brothers we pride ourselves on delivering a high level of personal service. That starts on Day One with a visit to your home. We want to get acquainted with your living space—and you. What are your ideas and vision for the project? Do you have special needs? We’d like to see any photos or sketches you’ve clipped. We’ll talk about timeframe and budget and take some rough measurements. We’ll be on the look-out for any foreseeable issues, like electrical, structural, plumbing or zoning concerns. Our home visit takes between 30 and 60 minutes, depending upon the complexity of the project. We’ll follow up within seven days with a preliminary proposal that will include a ballpark cost estimate.

COST: Free

Step: 2


Once our estimate is approved, we move to the design and preconstruction phase. Our project architects will work to match your design program with your construction budget. In this phase, we research and select materials and produce conceptual, permit and construction drawings. We also create three-dimensional renderings to help you visualize the new space. This critical phase of the project is generally more time-consuming than actual construction and requires close coordination with you, the client, for your input. We expedite the process by creating a detailed design calendar in which tasks, responsible parties and projected milestones are outlined.

COST: typically 10 – 15% of estimated construction cost

Step: 3


Once the design is complete and you sign the construction contract, we will pull permits and begin to work on-site. We share our Google production calendar with you so you’ll know what to expect every day. We update the production calendar faithfully. During construction, our entire crew places emphasis on protecting your home and maintaining a pristine work area. One of our team leaders will serve as your point person during the construction phase. You’ll be briefed daily on our progress. We are available by phone and email 24/7 should any issues or concerns arise.

COST: Starting at $100,000

Step: 4


When our crew has finished construction, we turn our attention to thoroughly cleaning the project site. We remove any remaining construction debris. Then we sweep, dust and mop to remove any vestiges of our work. Finally, we send you an evaluation form so you can grade our service from start to finish. We ask for your completely candid response. Your input will shape our company as we move forward.

COST: Free

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