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Starting a home renovation is an exciting prospect, but it can also be a daunting one. Having the experience and knowledge to navigate Washington, DC building codes and permits is crucial for staying within budget and on schedule. Our clients have typically have been thinking about their remodel for a long time, and are anxious to get going. They have plenty of ideas, wishes, and hopes for the renovation, and often just as many questions. In this section we answer the questions our clients ask most frequently (and a couple they often never ask, but should).

How long before I can begin my home remodel?

This depends on two factors: the size and scope of the project, and where you live. While the answers below are oversimplified, we’ve tried to give some general direction:

Washington, DC:

Full home renovations or addition – Three to four months for design, three to five months for permitting. For remodeling projects in Georgetown that require review by the Old Georgetown Board or projects that require a variance or approval from other historic boards, add extra time.

Smaller home renovation – Two to three months for design, less than a week for permitting

Montgomery County (including Bethesda and Chevy Chase):

Full home remodel or addition – Three to four months for design, two to four weeks for permitting.

Smaller home remodel (kitchen, bath, etc) – Two to three months for design, less than a week for permitting.

Northern Virginia (including Arlington and Alexandria):

Full home remodel or addition – Three to four months for design, two to four weeks for permitting.

Smaller home remodel (kitchen, bath, etc) – Two to three months for design, less than a week for permitting.

How long will my home remodeling project take?

Again, this depends on the project, but generally renovations fall into the following timelines:

Large home renovation or addition – Between four and seven months.

Kitchen renovation – Between six and nine weeks

Bathroom renovation – Between three and six weeks.

Do I need an architect or engineer to prepare plans, or can I just hire a home remodeling contractor?

In our opinion, an architect or experienced designer should be hired. After all, you will spend a significant amount of money whether the project ends up looking good or not. So you might as well spend the time in design. An engineer should review and approve structural drawings. At Four Brothers, our architects and designers coordinate closely with the necessary consultants along with our in-house building team.

What are the advantages of hiring a design-build firm like Four Brothers?

There are many reasons we prefer this model, but top among them are accountability and seamless coordination. After all, it is tough for one of our departments to point the finger at the other – we are all one team. Having both sides at the table from the beginning prevents costly and aggravating errors in design and construction.

What should I expect to pay for my home remodel?

This is a question we cannot properly answer here. However, we can typically give realistic ballpark estimates after reviewing photos and a phone call. Send us a note with some photos, and we’ll be in touch. Or, stop by our offices at: 4009 Georgia Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20011.

How can I prepare for my home renovation?

There will be plenty to do, and we are here to walk you through the process. Generally, if you can communicate your needs clearly from the start (what you need and want to get out of the project) we are able to guide you through the process including researching the zoning feasibility, guiding you to the appropriate design, and providing you with accurate estimates and realistic timelines. Having a small number of inspirational images at the initial design consultation doesn’t hurt either.

Can I finance my home remodel?

This will mostly depend on your equity situation and how much additional value you will be adding to the house. With strong home appreciation in Washington DC and the surrounding counties, the answer is almost always yes. We are able to connect you with several local banks and mortgage lenders that can explain your options.

Steve Hershberger

Written By Steve Hershberger
Updated: March 2, 2023

“Four Brothers did a full gut job on our Mount Pleasant row house. They took it from ‘uninhabitable’ to a beautiful, efficient, historic, wonderfully livable home.”

Mount Pleasant,
Washington, DC

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