Although we usually stick to designing and remodeling homes in Washington DC, Northern Virginia, and some counties in Maryland, we now have, for better or worse, strayed further afield. Namely to Middlesex County, Virginia near historic Williamsburg. Why you might ask? Several years ago, Four Brothers completed several small remodeling projects at a house in Georgetown, including a minor kitchen renovation, home office remodel, and a custom built table. When the client called us and told us he would like us to work with him on the restoration of a historic plantation home near Williamsburg, we initially hesitated. We did, however, take a trip down to see the house, and decided it would be worth our while. (It also helped that we enjoyed working with him in the past.)


Featured in numerous magazines and publications, Wilton is one of the best preserved homes of its type in the area, and has never been updated. Therein lies the challenge: How do we fit modern amenities such as heating, cooling, kitchens, and bathrooms into the house, while maintaining the historic character of the home, and working under the watchful eye of the Virginia Department of Historic Resources ( We’ll update you along the way.


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