The Fairmont living room was designed with entertaining in mind. This theme called for a largely open floor plan that provides a close connection to the kitchen. In place of a structural wall, we used a salvaged oak post and beam to shore up the floor above. Aside from being structural, this post and beam also serves to break up the large expanse of ceiling and draws your eye back down to the wide-plank hickory floor that remains a constant throughout the house. In the front bay, the original plaster walls were preserved, and the decrepit windows were replaced with energy efficient, new ones. Fitted with a small sofa, it has become a perfect spot to soak up the afternoon sun while reading or watching the comings and goings of the busy street. At the front entryway, we added a modest coat closet that also serves as a visual shield between the entrance and the living space. In the future, the client wants to add a built-in media center and display case that will run along the back side of the coat closet wall. As the pictures show, the living room has been transformed into a comfortable and well-lit space, with plenty of room to entertain friends.


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