Everyone’s time is valuable, so we try to approach every phase of each remodeling project in the most efficient manner possible. From the first visit onwards, we take an organized approach in all our interactions.


If you were to have us out for an initial consultation (for a kitchen remodel) the meeting agenda we send you in advance would look something like this. Typically, the initial consultation takes between forty five minutes to an hour.


Design Consultation Agenda
1. Introductions and an overview of the existing space:

  • Kitchen walk through, together with you. We would like you to tell us what you like and dislike about the space.
  • Walk through basement and other relevant areas of the house to assess existing infrastructure including the water heater, electrical panel and heating/cooling system(s).


2. Measurements and quick sketch:

  • We will need about fifteen minutes to sketch up the existing space, and take measurements.
  • Discuss design concepts: What works and what doesn’t in the kitchen as it is? What is your vision for the layout of the new kitchen, or will the configuration remain the same?
  • What materials and finishes are you attracted to? (Pictures help!) Finishes in a kitchen can include cabinets, countertops, backsplash, flooring, lighting, and appliances.


3. Discussion about budget expectations and costs:
Based on experience, we can give you rough numbers on what we think your remodeling project will cost considering new layout (where applicable) and desired materials. Other factors that play into cost include the condition of existing infrastructure, such as plumbing pipes, electrical wiring, HVAC, and framing.


4. Explanation of the service you can expect to receive if you hire Four Brothers as opposed to another Design/Build or remodeling company.

  • The Service You Receive When Hiring Four Brothers.
  • The Advantage of the Design/Build Model.
  • The Lead Carpenter System.

Brief discussion on the importance of interviewing several remodeling firms. Every company has different strengths and weaknesses. Some companies are better suited for certain projects than others so we want to be sure that you hire the firm that is the best fit for your project.


5. Explanation of steps going forward:

  • Based on our visit, we will put together a written estimate and email it to you. You can expect to receive this within a week. The estimate will be divided into the following categories:
  • Project Summary (a brief overview of the remodeling project)
  • Scope of Work (a detailed description of the specific steps involved)
  • Projected Costs (an estimated cost range for the project)
  • Steps Going Forward (a summary of the next steps if we decide to move forward)

If you decide to partner with us on your design-build remodeling project, we will move into the design phase. This phase typically requires the most participation from the homeowner, as many decisions will need to be made.

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