Contributed by Christopher LaMora, Designer/CAD Specialist at Four Brothers


What is an Architect?  We are an interesting lot.  We all come from a similar schooling and background; but each one of us possess a unique perspective that is individually our own.  We are outside the box thinkers, designers, technical drafters, coordinators of all things within our scope; yet most of all, we are problem solvers.


While the scale and scope of our individual works vary from architect to architect, we all share a simple truth: that every new project brings its own set of unique challenges.  We must bring our eclectic knowledge set to bear on any number of subjects.  We must coordinate all scopes of work; engineering consultants, programming, structural concerns, detailing, material selections, environmental concerns; all in the pursuit of a higher Art, which ultimately translates into your finished home.


At its core, this is what Architecture is about, a higher Art, a visceral experience, and an emotional response.  While our attention is always given to the project at hand, the thoughts, innovations, and emotional connection are all towards a greater goal, a body of work, an ideal geared towards how we order our lives.


But how do these theories and lofty ideals translate into something practical?  We here at Four Brothers focus on the home, the hearth, the place where we gather ourselves.  This will never make us “star-chitects”.  We will never be known for grand homage’s to the social condition.  We focus on the most intimate of spaces, the most nuanced, that that requires the greatest respect.  We believe a home should be a temple, a place for contemplation and respite.  Our greater goal, our overarching ideal is to bring our clients the peace and tranquility of the domicile; that tender moment of our lives in which we can relax and be at peace.  A sanctuary in which to recharge our batteries after a frantic day inside (or outside) the beltway.


Every member of our team is committed to this ideal and strives towards it through attention to detail and pride of quality.  For without a team, there would be no Architecture.



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