One of the many things that sets Four Brothers LLC apart from our competitors is our Cabinetry Division. We are now registered dealers for two cabinetry lines: Plain & Fancy Custom Cabinetry, and Elmwood Fine Custom Cabinetry. (We’ll share more about these cabinetry lines in an upcoming post.) We work directly with the manufacturers, so are able to offer these high quality cabinets to our clients at a great price. Our carpenters are also trained in installing these cabinets, ensuring a flawless finished product. As well as being registered dealers for these two custom cabinetry lines, we also have a wood shop in which we design and build our own fully custom cabinets. Here, we have control over each component of the cabinets, from the raw material used in construction, to the professional-grade finish applied in the spray booth (more about this later too.)


These three cabinetry options afford our designers almost limitless freedom when approaching a remodeling project. After considering style, budget, and the existing space, we work with our clients to choose the cabinetry option that best fits their project.


We recently completed a custom built-in entertainment center in a beautiful modern high-rise building on Fourth Street NW. The condominium had an open floor plan in which the living room adjoined the kitchen. There was an open space in between, in which the client wanted to have a custom built-in entertainment center designed and installed. She wanted to include space for a television, A/V equipment, some display shelves, and a fireplace. This was a tall order for such a tight space, but our creative designers eagerly went to work to come up with a winning design solution.


We decided to align the television directly above the fireplace with a hidden compartment for the A/V equipment tucked in between. The equipment can be controlled remotely with the cabinet door closed, through the use of an infrared receiver. There is also a matching door above the television for storage. The fireplace is made by EcoSmart Fire and is ideal for installations where there is no access to a flue or chimney. It burns bioethanol, or methylated spirits, which is made from the fermentation of plant by-products and produces a cozy, yellow-orange flame. The combustion produces steam, heat, and carbon dioxide, so there is no need for additional venting to the exterior. Next to the fireplace and television, we put a column of glass display shelves with a dimmable accent light above. The built-in has a dark stained natural wood finish, which fits the clean, modern style of the condo. Check out the before and after pictures below and let us know what you think.


Before the cabinetry installation.

The completed cabinetry.


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