Just as Rome was notbuilt in a day, a house cannot be rebuilt over night.  (Rome also was not destroyed in a day, and houses are not worn out over night, butrather; from years of wear and tear, rowdy residents, and the subtlegrind of the natural elements.)  The District of Columbia is full of older brick homes such as 753, many built in the late 1800’s and early1900’s.  According to tax records, 753 was built in 1915 – the same year the first stone of the Lincoln Memorial was put into place, World War I was barely a year old, and The Boston Red Sox beat the Philadelphia Phillies in the World Series.  Often, homes like 753 still have relatively strong bones (general structural components), but the expiration date has come and gone on the interior and sub-systems.  Usually, minor (and sometimes major) renovations have been done, withvarying degrees of success and practical function.


One of the major challenges of a historic remodel is incorporating design that fulfills the needs of the contemporary family, while retaining the integrity ofthe home.


A fullgut, remodel, and reconfiguration of an old home can be as, or more labor intensive than building a new house from scratch.  From start to finish, the project at 753 will include, but not be limited to thefollowing major phases:


·     Design of new layout, plans and permitting.

·     Salvaging reusable materials.

·     Demolition of all interior finishes, framing, plumbing, and electrical wiring.

·     Structural enhancement of foundation and exterior walls.

·     New roof or major patching of existing roof.

·     New framing throughout house.

·     New plumbing throughout house.

·     New electrical wiring throughout house.

·     New dual zone HVAC system.

·     Window replacement.

·     New Insulation throughout house.

·     New wall board throughout house.

·     Design and installation of new bathrooms.

·     Design and installation of new kitchens.

·     Installation of trim and moldings throughout.

·     Painting throughout house.

·     Re-pointing brick on exterior.


It is crucial that each scope of work is pursued diligently, in a systematic manner.  Cutting corners during a preliminary stage will only compound complications down the road!


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