Northern Virginia Home Contractors - Additions, Bath and Kitchen Remodeling

Though based in DC, we are more than able to tackle projects throughout northern Virginia. From Springfield to Vienna to Reston, we’re used to working with some of the best craftspeople and subcontractors in the area to refresh your homes and bring your remodeling ideas to life.

Bathroom Renovation in Northern Virginia

For this bathroom renovation, our clients wanted to expand their small and dated main bath, reclaiming lost space from an unused walk-in closet, and remodel an additional hall bathroom on the second floor in a modern style. In the main bedroom, we helped with the symmetry and flow of the space…

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Home Renovation in Northern Virginia

Our clients chose to embark on this renovation project as their family grew, prompting a clear need for more space. They toyed with the idea of moving, but they had become fond of their neighborhood and community, and didn’t want to leave their excellent school district behind. As such, they called us in to remodel their house and…

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Kitchen Renovation in Northern Virginia

This Northern Virginia renovation started when the homeowners approached us to find a solution to their kitchen problem. It was small, cramped, and hard to use, lacking storage space and showing its age. We came up with a plan to remodel the kitchen and the first floor living space to better accommodate their needs. While the placement of existing windows presented a challenge…

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