Georgetown, DC Home Contractors - Additions, Bath and Kitchen Remodeling

With its cobbled streets, rich architectural history, and desirable real estate, Georgetown is a DC hotspot for renovations which seek to embrace modern living while preserving the past. We’re accustomed to working with clients here to renovate and remodel, paying homage to a house’s original construction while refreshing surfaces and finishes to a high contemporary standard.

Bathroom Renovation in Georgetown, DC

Complementing the rest of the house, we used modern fixtures and finishes while allowing elements of the original construction to shine through. Full height backsplash tiles above the vanity and the tub add a subtle texture to the walls, and a chair rail in the same finish as the vanity…

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Home Renovation in Georgetown, DC

This clean Georgetown condo became our project through unusual circumstances. Four Brothers came to this renovation in the middle of the process. The plans had been drawn up by Fowlkes Studio, and work had already started on the interior when the owners asked us to pick up the torch and finish the remodel, as the original contractor…

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Kitchen Renovation in Georgetown, DC

This historic Georgetown remodel was a “labor of love,” in the words of the owners. Keen architectural enthusiasts, they were active participants in every step of the renovation. The original house, a bricklayer’s cottage built in 1821, had endured a patchwork of remodels and additions through the 20th century…

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