As described on their Twitter page, “DC Magazine, published by Modern Luxury Media, highlights the chic and unique stories breaking in the greater metro area.”

Although we receive requests from time to time to contribute to print or online publications about design or the process of remodeling, we often turn them down as they simply are not a good fit. We live in a city saturated with magazines, newspapers, brochures and blogs – all of which need to fill pages. On the well stocked racks however, DC Magazines glossy (and substantative) publication stands out. Accurately described by one reviewer, “The magazine is your invaluable resource for covering top innovators in arts, home, food, fashion, travel and luxury lifestyle for the Greater Washington area.”

Therefore, when the magazine’s Editor-in-Chief called, we welcomed the opportunity to be featured in their September 2012 Fashion and Home Design Issue. Check out the full page spread below, or click the link to view the online version. (If you visit the online magazine before the end of September, check out our picture in the slide show on the front page.)

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