Recently, Four Brothers began an extensive remodeling project on Fairmont Street in Northwest DC.  From the outside, number seven-hundred and fifty-three is a stately, two-story brick row house.  Step inside however, and what you’ll find is a jumbled mess (3,200 square feet of it), not to mention a thriving community of rodents.  Over the next 12 months, our team has been tasked with rescuing this old beauty by fully renovating the structure and remodeling the interior into two condo units.  Each unit will be equipped with a full kitchen and 2 ½ bathrooms.


Because the house has fallen into such an advanced state of disrepair, we will perform a complete gut and renovation.  Therefore, we thought it would be entertaining and educational to chronicle such a project from conception to completion, and allow you to monitor our progress.  Hopefully you will gain insight for your home remodeling projects, and we will learn from your feedback and comments.  Our various bloggers will post transparent, engaging, and authentic tidbits during each phase of the project (at least this will be our aim).  In addition to reporting on actual progress at 753, some posts will be dedicated to project-related topics such as green building, kitchen and bath design, window replacement options, and other relevant issues.


Front of 753

Back of 753

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