The Lead Carpenter System

At Four Brothers, we believe that the journey is as important as the destination itself.  If the process of obtaining your dream kitchen, bathroom or addition is so miserable that at the end of it all you scratch your head and say, Was that really worth it? – the answer is probably, no.  At the

The Importance of Client Feedback

At Four Brothers, we strive to deliver a top of the line end product, and to provide the highest level of customer service along the way. Throw in the fact that a large number of our new leads originate from client referrals, and it becomes clear why maintaining happy customers is our top priority.  

Introduction Four Brother DC Home Design-build

“Great people make a great company.”  How many times have we heard this quote or some variation thereof?  Countless, probably, but is it just a tired cliché, or does it mean anything?   At Four Brothers we believe it means EVERYTHING, and take it even a step farther: “We believe that the Right people who

Rain Screen Siding Washington DC Contractors

  “So, when are you going to finish the siding outside?”   “That’s it? You mean it stays open like that?”   I wish I had kept track of how many times I was asked those questions by various trade partners who came to work on a recent job in Mount Pleasant. They were referring

Four Brothers in the Washington DC News

Remodeling, renovations and home buying have long been a hot topic, near and dear to the hearts of many homeowners and aspiring homeowners.  Starting with shows like “This Old House”, DIY remodeling and design shows now permeate the realm of reality television   Over the past few years, Four Brothers has passed up the opportunity

Wilton Renovation: Historic Plantation Home

Although we usually stick to designing and remodeling homes in Washington DC, Northern Virginia, and some counties in Maryland, we now have, for better or worse, strayed further afield. Namely to Middlesex County, Virginia near historic Williamsburg. Why you might ask? Several years ago, Four Brothers completed several small remodeling projects at a house in

Bethesda, MD Built-In Entertainment Center Contractors

Recently, we have been installing a lot of custom built-in cabinetry, shelving, and entertainment centers. Almost all of our larger design build renovations include at least one custom cabinet or vanity, and in some kitchen remodels, we design and build all of the cabinetry. The beauty of these custom pieces is that they can be

Washington DC Sliding Doors Contractor

Remodeling in Washington, DC can be tricky for many reasons; not the least of which is that you are frequently working with limited space. Particularly in multi-unit buildings, kitchens and bathrooms present design challenges as they are often confined to only a few square feet. When remodeling a kitchen, we are often able to increase


In the remodeling industry, the relationship between the homeowner and contractor too often turns into an Us versus Themexperience. Particularly after the contract is signed and construction begins, a disconnect can develop between the home owner and the design team, who, up until this point has been by the client’s side for every step of the way. The

Introduction to our Shop

One of the aspects that sets Four Brothers apart from our competition, is the ease with which our designers can incorporate unique and custom cabinetry into their designs. They are not stuck in the box of using standard sizes. This is possible because in addition to our five remodeling crews, we have a full-time cabinet