Recently, we have been installing a lot of custom built-in cabinetry, shelving, and entertainment centers. Almost all of our larger design build renovations include at least one custom cabinet or vanity, and in some kitchen remodels, we design and build all of the cabinetry. The beauty of these custom pieces is that they can be designed and built to fit into any space, and they can be finished to match any décor style. Sometimes clients even ask us to produce cabinetry that matches cabinets or furniture they already have in their homes. This ability to replicate style and color is especially useful in the DC area, where many of the homes date back to a century ago.


A client in Bethesda, MD wanted to update an old built-in entertainment center in their living room, across from their kitchen. They had a floor to ceiling oak cabinet with flush sliding doors, which gave the room a dark, closed in ambience. The cabinet had a small, open compartment for a television, which was too high for comfortable viewing, and was built long before 42” flat screens were the norm.


The existing cabinetry


They wanted to replace the cabinet with something similar in size that was lighter and included some open shelving for display. They also wanted some closed space for storage and room for a larger television. We removed the old unit and replaced it with painted white custom cabinetry. The design included a countertop, which separates the display shelves above from the deeper storage below. The storage is comprised of drawers on the two sides, with some open shelves in the center for speakers, a cable box, and DVD player. The existing crown molding and baseboard are integrated with the new cabinetry to give it a built-in feel. Finally, there is room for a larger television with display area surrounding it. The new cabinetry transforms the feel of the living room and is more congruent with the style of the rest of the house.


The completed cabinetry

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