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Anya Higman

Assistant Carpenter

At Four Brothers, Anya assists our production teams in all aspects of the build process: from initial demolition and structural framing to material ordering and job site management. She is a natural problem solver and takes the same approach to jigsaw puzzles as she does installing bi-fold doors (something anyone who has hung a bi-fold door will surely appreciate). As with all of our assistant carpenters, Anya works closely with our project leads to accomplish complex tasks—with equal focus on doing and learning.


Anya enjoys working with her hands and spends much of her free time working on her own home improvement projects. She is also an outdoors enthusiast and likes to camp and go biking regularly. But Anya’s favorite pastime might have to be collecting all the strange mispronunciations of her name, one fun variation being “Onion.” (For the record, it’s “On-yah.”)

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